• DTF printing produces delivers superior quality to your designs in all colours and sizes. It allows for intricate, complex designs that is perfect for small to medium quantities.

  • The design for printing is uploaded onto computer software, whilst the garment is prepared for printing.

  • It is sprayed with a pre-treatment spray to ensure the ink does not soak into the fabric.

  • We only print on white to ensure the colours of the design remain vibrant and bright.

  • The garment gets placed in the printer and the design is printed directly onto the garment. It is then steamed to ensure a durable finish.

Our machines are some of the most advanced and state-of-the-art direct-to-garment printers on the market. We use Neo-Pigment inks, which are 100% non-hazardous and 100 % toxin-free. They also enable ink waste reduction due to their single ink set, ensuring digital is one step closer to offering a solution to lower the amount of water our industry currently uses. All our DTG printers print in the CMYK spectrum.





  • Please note white as colour cannot be printed; any areas in the image that are white will be the colour of the fabric.

  • All supplied fabrics must be rolled onto a core 5 cm in diameter. Minimum print order of 1 m applies to all customers.

  • Kindly provide fabric ON THE ROLL 2m longer than your print job in order to roll on and off our machines. Not enough fabric may lead to flaws and/or loss of print length.


   You MUST check your fabric for creases and marks before submitting your order, as any fabric flaws will impact print result.





Fashion and Apparel


Reactive printing is fast, affordable and creative. This method of printing is used on natural fabrics, which includes Cotton, Linen, Hemp, Bull Denim, Twill, Viscose, Rayon and Silks.


The fabric has to be prepared with a special binding coating to enhance colour and washability. A minimum of 5M is required as the fabric has to go through a large coating bath.


Please note that we do not take responsibility for results of clients own supplied pre-coated fabric as there are too many variables involved that can effect the print results.

We always recommend our own pre-tested coating chemicals to be used for best results.